G2 Wireless Earbuds


The Fulgo G2 Wireless Earbuds are a sleek, versatile musical companion designed to fit you and everything you do. The G2 Wireless Earbuds are crafted with exceptional technology that allows each user to get deep, immersive sound with powerful bass & noise cancelling effects.



  • Fulgo G2 Wireless Earbuds will commence delivery in December 2023 and early 2024.


What’s included in the box?

  • Fulgo G2 Wireless Earbuds
  • Replacement Silicon Ear Tips
  • USB-C Lightning Cable
  • Warranty Card & User Manual

Sleek design and smooth sound

  • Talk Time: 4.5hr
  • Play Time: 4.5hr Operating Frequency: 22KHz & 32KHz Audio Quality
  • Operating Range: 10m+
  • Ear Coupling: Magnetic Earbuds & Case
  • Headphone Type: In-Ear Earbuds Microphone: Yes, built-in. – Bilateral Call & Game Mode Support
  • Speaker: Yes – Within Earbuds
  • Noise Reduction: Yes – Mono Mode & Passive Cancelling Effect
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes
  • Enhanced Data Rate: Yes – Dual Bluetooth 5.0
  • Weather Protection: IPX5 Sweatproof, Rainproof & Splashproof
  • Display: Functional LED Display | Phosphorescent Display

Impressive specifications:

  • Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Controls: Hall Switch Control, Voice Control & Multi-functional Touch/Tap Controls
  • Design: Intra-aural Headphones
  • Wireless Version: 5.1
  • Chipset: 3015/JL
  • Quick Charge: Yes Charging Case Battery Life: 300hr Standby
  • Charging Case Battery Capacity: Rechargeable 800mAh (400mAh x2)
  • Headphones Battery Capacity: 40mAh (Left/Right Earbud)
  • Charging Interface: USB-C
  • Charging Method: Wired Charging – Case | Wireless Charging – Singular Earbuds
  • Charging Case Charging Time: 3hr
  • Headphones Charging Time: 1.5hr
  • Power Input: Direct Current 5V (Volt) | 0.5/1A (Ampere)
  • Power Requirement: Low

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